Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And Cooler Heads Have Prevailed...

So after much discussion (and yelling and screaming) with many people I've come up with some more details for the project.  First and foremost is that I am NOT leaving my job (yet).  This is something that was a major bone of contention with my parents (the Asianness really shows through here) and thus the planning portion will occur while I'm at work.  I don't think this will be too much of a hindrance, unless of course if the work project takes a turn for the worst.  Next, I will probably do quite a lot of filming in the bay area prior to me leaving.  I was actually thinking before of doing all the bay area filming when I got back, but warming up by filming close is probably a good idea.

Now... after having a long discussion with Kyle over the logistics, I have a better idea of what gear will be involved in order to make everything look good.  There's gonna be a lot more random bits and pieces than I thought, but nothing thats too expensive or hard to find (except the camera rig...).  This is a short list (from memory) of what I need, with whats in bold being what I have bought so far:

light fixtures
extension cords
A-clamps (small, medium, large)
china balls (not just the pair I have... :P)
500W bulbs
black wrap

Beyond this stuff however I ended picking up on today's craigslist run a few more things which will be helpful:

boom arm (probably will be used for the microphone)
sandbags (hey... it was essentially free)

My only worry is about C-stands at this point, as the set I bought is pretty big, which may become an issue later when I begin to sort out trunk space.  The superclamps look pretty sweet though, and with the combination of those and my GoPro (which I also just bought) I'll be able to shoot from almost any position in the car.

More items to come...

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