Monday, July 26, 2010

Living the Unexpected

The last few months have taught me to embrace unpredictability. I am who I am because of equal parts planning and luck, and no amount of planning will take luck out of the equation. Also, the biggest events in my life are never random, but rather a culmination of everything which occurred before. Some other revelations large and small:

- There is no formula or plan for love. Some will find it by relentlessly searching, others will find it waiting for them, others still will stumble on it by accident. The only requirement is that you recognize it when it arrives and act accordingly, for there is rarely a second chance.

- Success only arrives through plenty of knowledge and plenty of failure. If you are not prepared to fail, you are not prepared to succeed.

- Always listen to advice, but never trust it. There is never a correct way, only a best way.

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